Technical data

Current type Ph/V/Hz: 3 / 400 / 50
Flow rate (l/h): 800 – 1850
Pressure (bar/MPa): 30 – 180 / 3 – 18
Max. temperature (°C): max. 80 – max. 98
Connected load (kW): 2 x 6.7
Heating oil consumption, full load (kg/h): 12.3
Fuel tank (l): 25
Weight (kg): 280
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1500 x 834 x 1015
Detergent tank (l): 25 – 25




The HDS 2000 Super hot water high-pressure cleaner has been developed to clean large areas where soiling is extremely heavy. Two 4-pole motors drive two three-piston axial pumps which deliver 1,800 litres/hour at a pressure of 180 bar.

The HDS 2000 Super’s high throughout enables two spray lances to be used at the same time. Despite this exceptional performance, the HDS Super is a mobile unit whose large diameter wheels and two casters provide good manoeuvrability. Special attachment points are provided for mechanical handling and transportation with a fork-lift truck.

The two high-pressure pumps are equipped with ceramic pistons and a brass cylinder head. They are started via a sequence starting control and switched on and off via built-in pressure sensors, depending on whether one or two spray lances are being used. Two integral fine-mesh water filters protect the pump against impurities in the water supply.

The oil-fired boiler features all the time-proven Kärcher benefits, plus a flame monitor which means the unit can be operated unattended in static applications.

Pressure, water flow rate and temperature can be adjusted directly on the trigger gun. An additional control on the trigger gun allows the operator to switch chemical feed on and off as required.

The further improved electronic module records all relevant operating data, shows possible sources of faults and tells the operator when servicing work is due.

The motors’direction of rotation is also checked and can be easily corrected if necessary with the standard pole-changing plug.



Features & Benefits

Service control
Electronic machine monitoring to protect against disturbances.

Operating data logging with LED display of necessary maintenance intervals.

Duo drive concept
Two continuous load-tested, water-cooled three-phase motors.

Delayed start-up protects the power supply from overloading.

Powerful for two-lance operation.




Standard accessories
  • Spray gun, Easy-press trigger gun
  • Spray gun with soft grip
  • High-pressure hose, 15 m
  • Spray lance, 1050 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo control
  • Anti-twist system
  • Galvanised and powder-coated chassis
  • Three-piston axial pump, with ceramic piston
  • Pressure cut-off
  • Optional two-lance operation
  • Pole reversing plug (3-phase)
  • SDS system
  • Electronic service control with LED display
  • 2 pump units with ceramic sleeves
  • Two detergent tanks
  • Dry running protection


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